Think you want to be a tutor? Our volunteers come from all walks of life, have different interests, and vary in age. Your patience and a couple hours each week can lead to a rewarding volunteer experience!  Before you get started you need to take our Tutor Training. Our training offers a foundation of skills and insights for working with your adult student. Training is offered in two formats so you can pick the one that best suits your learning style and schedule.

Requirements For Becoming a Tutor

  • Volunteer tutors are required to have a high school diploma (or its equivalent);
  • A desire to help another individual meet his/her literacy goals;
  • Pass a background check;
  • Complete the required tutor training sessions;
  • Volunteer 2 hours each week in one of our programs; and
  • Commit to approximately one year of service.
  • Review the training options below.
  • Complete the Registration Form and email it to Cheryl at 
  • Please also complete the Tutor Data Form and email it to Cheryl at 

Online/Classroom Format (not currently scheduled)

You’ll meet with LVCV staff for one evening and one day over 10 days, and complete six free online mini-courses. Certain mini-courses are requested prior to the first meeting while remaining ones are due by the second meeting. This format appeals to those who like independent work, enjoy learning on a computer, or whose schedule limits meeting. Pace will “move along”.



Date Day Time Location
Classroom Format (not currently scheduled)

You’ll meet with LVCV staff for 5 sessions across 15 days. You’ll hear stories and examples of pair work, participate in discussions, and do activities each session. Reading is assigned between meetings. Concepts and strategies integrate. This format appeals to those who want hands-on experience and time to reflect.
Want to start tutoring and/or helping before a training is scheduled?  

Some of our service areas need Classroom Assistants throughout the year.  As an Assistant, you will complete online mini-courses and watch a learning disabilities video before placement.  Then you will help students under the direction of staff. Interested?  Contact Cheryl.

What New Tutors Have Said About Training

"Good combination of listening and doing."

"I am excited about the program. I think it will be very gratifying for tutor and learner."

"The instructors for these sessions were knowledgeable and personable. As such they were great models!"

"(Training was) engaging and I think this experience will be very rewarding! Tutoring can help the tutor learn as well as the learner. Thank you!"